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Workshop Agenda

Registration and welcome coffee: 8:30am
Course duration: 9:00am-4:30pm

Effective performance management processes

  • A reminder of the key steps during a performance management process

  • Drafting a robust PIP

  • Alternatives to performance management

Consequences of misconduct, investigations and serious misconduct

  • The difference between performance management and misconduct issues

  • The investigation process - both internal and external investigations

  • Justifying a termination for serious

Restructurings and redundancies

  • What is required in your business case to justify change

  • How to face hurdles and delays in your process

  • Lessons from restructurings and redundancies

Medical Incapacity and Mental Health in the Workplace

  • The steps to terminate for medical incapacity

  • What obligations does an employer have when it comes to an employee's mental health

  • How an employee's mental health may affect your employment process

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